Ten Cravings of the Sinful Nature of Man

Colin Smith What are the cravings of the sinful nature? What kinds of strong desire does the sinful nature produce? What does the intense longing that comes from your sinful nature look like?

Here are 10 examples. You’ll recognize them immediately.

1.  When you are blessed, the sinful nature produces pride: The sinful nature wants to take the credit.

2. When others succeed, the sinful nature produces envy: The sinful nature says, “It should have been me.”

3. When you do something good, the sinful nature is self-righteous: It says, “Look what I did!”

4. When you do something wrong, the sinful nature goes into denial: The sinful nature says, “It wasn’t me!”

5. When you suffer, the sinful nature indulges in self pity.

6. When you don’t get what you want, the sinful nature gets irritable, frustrated, and angry.

7. When your work is not recognized or appreciated, the sinful nature gets resentful.

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