The Conversation about Sex You Need to Have With Your Spouse

Years ago, I was eating in a restaurant with a friend. As our meal progressed, the conversation devolved into a lament over the state of his marriage, particularly their sex life. He grew increasingly animated, finally exclaiming loudly: “I knew marriage would be hard, but sex was supposed to be easy!”

Struggling to ignore the turned heads and raised eyebrows at nearby tables, I focused on what my friend was saying. He’d grown up in the church and been taught that if he “saved himself” for marriage, his sex life would be awesome. The reality was, as other diners now knew, quite different.

Sex in marriage isn’t easy. This is due to many reasons, including profound differences between spouses. God designed sex as union with a mysterious other. Even beyond gender, couples must reckon with differences in desire, expectations, and particular preferences.

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