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The Meaning of Marriage

Life Center Marriage is tough! Despite its difficulty, we're drawn toward the commitment. We're thinking about what makes it hard, what makes it worthwhile, and what makes it work. If you're single and want to be married, or you're married and want a good marriage, this series will give you a new appreciation for God's purpose for this relationship.

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America's Lost Boys

Samuel D. James Where have America’s young men gone? According to Erik Hurst, an economist from the University of Chicago, they haven’t gone anywhere—they’re just plugged in. In a recent interview, Hurst says that his research indicates that young men with less than a four-year degree are spending their days unemployed and unmarried, but not un-amused...

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To Moms of One or Two Children

Sarah Short How do you do it? I've never counted, but I imagine the number of times I've been asked that question by Moms with one or two children is somewhere in the hundreds. I have five children, and judging by the look on the tired and weary faces that pose the question, that number seems simply impossible...

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