Do You Ever Fear You Married the Wrong Person?

Carl knew he had made a mistake. A big mistake. He had married Sally five years ago, and for the first year or so it had been OK. But as time went on, it had become very clear to him that they were not compatible. They didn’t communicate well. They often rubbed each other the wrong way. Recently they had quarreled a lot. In fact Carl dreaded going home, and started postponing it as long as he decently could.

Last week Carl had got hold of a Christian book about marriage, which included lists of positive and negative points to help singles decide whether someone was well suited to them. He looked down the list and realized that he and Sally scored very, very low. If only he had seen those lists before they married, he would never have married her. It had been a terrible mistake. He felt pretty desperate about it, because he was a Christian and knew his church would disapprove when he and Sally split up.

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