Check Your Investments


This week I’ve been spending some time with some senior adults from our church, going to some shows and eating way too much.  Today we saw a show that featured a whole family of wildly talented musicians.  The whole large family, down to the littlest children, could play multiple instruments, sing, dance, and act.  It was really remarkable to watch.

As we left we joked about how we only thought we were proud of our own children, until we saw what these little phenomena could do.  But, the truth is that there’s a clear reason why our kids can’t play the violin or dance a huge choreographed number on stage.  It’s because we haven’t invested time and resources into making them performers.  We haven’t awakened them early every day so that they could practice an instrument.  We haven’t paid for private dance or voice lessons.  The developing of these talents has not been a priority in our lives.  So, naturally, we aren’t seeing any results.

While we didn’t set out to make our kids superstars of the stage, I do pray that they grow to be champions of the faith.  Isn’t that what all Christian parents want for their kids?  To see them grow in their knowledge and love of Jesus?  To watch them discover all the delights of His deep and abiding love?

But, I really wonder what kind of results that we expect to get when we don’t invest time and resources to help them get there.  Think of how many ways that we fail to invest in our kids’ spiritual development.

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Nate Logan