An Open Letter to the Church on Singleness

We owe our existence as churches to God. He has put us together, by his grace and for his glory. This is not something we could have done by ourselves. We are humans, and our failings as such are everywhere evident, but we are nevertheless a supernatural presence. We exist as a church only by a miracle.

So we need to steward one another well. And an important part of that stewardship—an often-neglected part—is in making sure we are thinking biblically about the issue of singleness. The rise of singleness in our culture as well as in our churches makes this more and more pressing. All the trends indicate this part of our demographic is growing at both ends–people marrying later and marriages ending sooner. But this is not just for the singles to think about. What the Bible says about singleness concerns the whole church, for three significant reasons.

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