Favorite Psalms from Northridge Staff


Music can communicate with our hearts and move us to action in profound ways. Through music, humans have expressed their pain and joy for thousands of years. In this reading plan, we'll explore some of the most heartfelt expressions of the human experience from God's very own mixtape.

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Day 1

Psalm 46

"This Psalm encouraged me when our family was going through hard times four years ago." 

 -- Jean Baxter, Director of Connections -- Irondequoit


Day 2

Psalm 100

"It is always good to remember that God has made us and we belong to Him, always and forever!"

--Dave Boehm, Pastor of Care and Facilities


Day 3

Psalm 37

“In our culture of affluence it can be easy at times to look around and be envious of others that aren't following God. I love the reminders this Psalm gives to keep an eternal perspective and appreciate the gifts we have in the here and now from living lives that please God.”

-- Adam Congdon, Executive Director of Creative Arts


Day 4

Psalm 42

“When I am discouraged, I find this Psalm helps me refocus and put my hope in God. ‘Why so downcast, oh my soul, put your hope in God.'”

-- Jason DeGraaff, Community Groups Pastor

Allie Dentinger.png

Day 5

Psalm 13

“Psalm 13 is a beautiful representation of living with human emotions and needs but still trusting a perfect God that allows us to find our identity and meaning in Him.”

-- Allie Dentinger, Kids Ministry Small Group Director -- Irondequoit


Day 6

Psalm 8

“One word comes to mind when I think of Psalm 8 and is 'majesty.' The fact that God is full of both power and dignity yet still cares for us little ol' humans is a great reminder of his love.”

-- Connor Ellsworth, Creative Media Director


Day 7

Psalm 1

“It's a constant reminder of the type of people you don't want to be associated with and how they can, over time drag you down, but if you seek the Lord and delight to do His will you will be blessed.”

-- Evan Gargana, Webster Project Manager


Day 8

Psalm 40

“We find restoration, hope, and security in HIM!”

-- Devin Graf, Student Ministry Program Director


Day 9

Psalm 145

“Because God's goodness and greatness is forever, this song encourages one generation to continue that praise to the next generation.”

-- Nate Logan, Spiritual Development Pastor


Day 10

Psalm 51

It’s an excellent reminder of God's forgiveness, and I really like when it's put to music."

-- Jeff Mapes, Business Manager


Day 11

 Psalm 27

“I love how this psalm proclaims that all of my hope and security is found in Jesus - the only solid foundation!”

-- Markanthony Rizzo, Worship Director -- Greece


Day 12

Psalm 18  

“This Psalm displays the passionate love that God has for His people.”

-- Tony Robinson, Spiritual Development Director


Day 13

Psalm 139  

“I love the reminder that I serve a God who is always with me and knows me better than I know myself.”

-- Kristin Shughart, Kids Ministry Project Manager


Day 14

Psalm 34

“I love this Psalm because it reminds me to continually praise God for all He is and has done and is going to do, and that He is near the brokenhearted and ‘saves the crushed in spirit.’”

-- Nancy Simmonds, Kids Ministry Director -- Webster


Day 15

Psalm 63

“It reminds me of my need for Christ in every season of life.”

-- Liberti Todd, Student Ministry Administrative Assistant



Day 16

Psalm 107  

“I love how God saves His people from so many different situations and the repeated reminder to praise Him for His goodness.”

-- Erin Wagner, Lead Pastor Assistant


Day 17

Psalm 142  

“This Psalm provides an example of how we can bring raw, uncut, honest and desperate prayers before our God who is not afraid of the emotions of our faith.”

-- Mike Weston, Kids Ministry Executive Director


Day 18

Psalm 119  

“This Psalm has helped align and re-align my soul with God, His loving-kindness, and His outline for experiencing true happiness in life.”

-- Andy Woodall, Counseling Pastor