Do you have questions about the Bible and why it has various translations? This one night class tackles some tough questions like:

  • Why are there unicorns in the KJV?

  • Why is my Bible missing verses?

  • Are some translations flawed?

  • Can the Bible be perfect?

  • Can I use the NIV for "serious" Bible study?

  • What is the difference between a paraphrase vs. a translation?

  • Which is the best translation to use?

This class will increase your confidence in the Bible and the ability to better understand the reason for various Bible translations.

After years doing bible translation in Papua New Guinea, Dave Brunn saw that Christians all over the world lacked a complete understanding of bible translation method. In his book "One Bible, Many Versions", Brunn gives an in-depth understanding of bible translation as well as a look into the variety of current translations perfect for students, teachers, pastors and lay people.