Training Overview

This ten week training will teach you how to compassionately and skillfully use God's word to help people grow and change for God's glory, whether through casual conversations, mentoring, leading a group, discipleship, or counseling.

  • 10 Saturday sessions (March 2 - May 18, 2019)

  • Total of 30 hours of instruction with Q & A

  • Time: 8:30am-Noon

  • Location: Northridge Church, Irondequoit Campus, 2052 Saint Paul St.

  • Cost: $45 (Includes instruction, notes, and light snacks).

  • Outside Reading is assigned


Training Details

March: The first section of teaching provides a biblical foundation and framework for biblical discipleship and counseling.

Mar. 2

  • The Need for Biblical Counseling

  • The Goal of Biblical Counseling 

  • The Process of Biblical Change

Mar. 9

  • Qualifications of a Biblical Counselor

  • Getting to the Heart

  • What Makes Biblical Counseling Biblical?

Mar. 16

  • Key Elements (1-2) - Gathering Data, Discerning the Problem

  • Key Elements (3-4) - Establishing Involvement & Giving Hope 

  • Key Elements (5-6) - Giving Instruction & Assigning Homework

Mar. 23

  • Comparing Counseling Models

  • Communication

  • Video Case Study #1

Mar. 30 NO CLASS

April: The second section provides a good understanding of what the Bible says about relationships, getting to the heart of problems, and communication. Special attention is given to marriage and parenting.       

Apr. 20 NO CLASS

Apr. 27

  • Biblical View of Sexuality

  • Sexual SIn

  • Video Case Study #2

Apr. 6

  • God's Purpose for Marriage

  • Role of the Husband

  • Role of the Wife

Apr. 13

  • Goal of Parenting

  • Parental Instruction

  • Parental Discipline


May: The third section of teaching provides practical biblical instruction on more common problems people address and how to help them, whether emotions, suffering, or medical illness situations.

May 18

  • Physical Illness and Biblical Counseling

  • Psychotropic Drugs and Biblical Counseling

  • Platforming the Glory of God through Counseling

May 4

  • Fear & Worry

  • Anger

  • Depression

May 11

  • Guilt & Repentance

  • Forgiveness

  • Trials & Suffering




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