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The Deep Ditches of Doubt

Josh Buice The ditches of doubt are often deep and painful.  When a person falls into one of those ditches, it often takes a great deal of time and work to climb back out onto the road of peace.  How does one fall into the these troublesome ditches?  Sometimes it happens as a result of open and rebellious sin and guilt that follows.  At other times it comes as a surprise,..

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Anger Self-Examination Questions

Paul Tautges Each Friday, three men at our church meet over lunch to read through Stuart Scott’s book, The Exemplary Husband. As we near the end of this helpful look at biblical husbanding, we have been studying some of our regrets as husbands. Today’s chapter was on the subject of anger. We found the following list of self-examination questions instructive for our own personal growth,

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Study Guide for Lloyd-Jones’s “Spiritual Depression”

Paul Tautges I am delighted to learn that Granted Ministries has brought into print a hard-cover edition of Martyn Lloyd-Jones’ classic, Spiritual Depression, which also includes audio messages and a free study guide. Here’s what the publisher says about this unique resource:“It is our opinion that Spiritual Depression: Its Causes and Cure is one of the finest Christian books that has been written."

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Ministering to the Suffering

Eric Davis One of my mentors used to wisely say, “We are either in a trial, about to enter a trial, or coming out of a trial.” Such is life under the weight of the Curse. Since God’s people are called to be skilled relationally, this means that relating to people in suffering is going to comprise much of our relationships...

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