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10 Steps to Deal with Anger

Chuck Lawless I grew up in a home where my father was prone to fits of anger. They typically didn’t last long, but they were loud and frightening while they were occurring. If you or someone you know has that same tendency, think about these ways to fight it...

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How Can We Be Angry and Not Sin?

Jon Bloom “Be angry and do not sin” (Ephesians 4:26). Is this even possible? Not if perfect, sinless anger is the requirement, since sin infects everything we think, say, and do. But I don’t think Paul had perfect, sinless anger in mind. Paul’s point seems to be that not all anger Christians experience is rooted in the prideful, selfish soil of our sin nature...

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Scripture's "Top Two" List

Ed Welch The Apostle Paul has a tendency to give us lists of sins. He gives us at least five of them.* At first glance, it feels like he is simply piling it on. But his lists include a recurring structure that brings keen insight into the human condition. He identifies the overarching category of renegade desire, and he typically calls out two expressions of this desire: sexual sin and anger.

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Christian Conflict: Five Ways to Fight It

Josh Squires I wish I never had to deal with conflict. I am a card-carrying conflict avoider. Whatever the reason (character, context, sin, etc). I would rather run away from conflict than take it head on. It wasn’t until I began my training as a counselor at nearly thirty-years-old that someone explained conflict didn’t always have to do damage...

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Anger Lite: Being Annoyed but without Sin

Paul Tautges As I think about Jesus being irritated by what Warfield calls a human being’s “blundering misunderstanding” of the divine agenda I am left talking to myself, asking questions like these:
How did Jesus experience irritation and yet not succumb to the temptation to sin against those with whom He was annoyed (Heb 4:15)?

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Anger Self-Examination Questions

Paul Tautges Each Friday, three men at our church meet over lunch to read through Stuart Scott’s book, The Exemplary Husband. As we near the end of this helpful look at biblical husbanding, we have been studying some of our regrets as husbands. Today’s chapter was on the subject of anger. We found the following list of self-examination questions instructive for our own personal growth,

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White Sugar Makes Me Angry

Paul Tautges Now certainly there is some validity to the idea that our diet may impact our moods…to a degree. However, no dietary change will ever lead to lasting behavioral change, and no “Christian Dietary Laws” will control your anger or your child’s temper tantrums...

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