How to Battle Bitterness

The temptation of bitterness for being wronged. You were treated badly. Really badly or slightly badly. Imagine the worst sexual abuse or imagine just some slight at work. Or maybe this is even worse, somebody you love — your child or somebody was really treated badly. And you’re angry — really angry — and efforts at biblical reconciliation have been done, and it may or may not have been very fruitful.

It certainly doesn’t feel satisfying. And the offender, maybe he tried to repent, maybe not. Maybe she said something, but that isn’t working either. You’re just really angry. You can’t let it go. You might be married to this person — might be your father, might be a former boss, might be a friend that did something betrayal-like. And you know the bitterness in you that you go to bed with every night is wrong. You know it’s killing you and nobody else. You clench your fist and you grit your teeth every time you think about this thing, and can’t let it go.

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